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Slemenova spica

The weather forecast for the weekend was great and Sunday was supposed to be perfect, but it was a while since we've been to the mountains and we've missed the views and the fresh air so much, we just couldn't wait another day. We got up early like on a Christmas morning. And the hour long drive on the highway felt like the run to open the presents. We were staring through the windows and guessing which mountain is which and where we've already been this summer. It's really been a magical experience these past months and we were expecting another one today and hoping for many more to come. Oh, and we saw a bunch of cows licking the poster glue off of the billboards on the side of the road! So that was fun... 

Laghi di Fusine (Photo by Miha)

By the time we got to Kranjska Gora, the anticipation was at its peak but the weather wasn't exactly cooperating. So we decided not to rush things, as it was still pretty early in the day, and go for a little trip in the neighbourhood, while the conditions change for the better. Fifteen mins from Kranjska Gora, just over the Italian-Slovenian border, there are two beautiful lakes (Belopeška jezera/Laghi di Fusine) chilling under the great Mangart massif. In the cold and cloudy weather it felt like winter, but it wasn't long before the sun came up and gave us hope that we didn't come all this way to freeze in the valley. We did a quick stroll around the lakes and headed back to Slovenia. 

Vrsic pass

Probably there is no other more enjoyable autumn road in Slovenia as the pass over Vršič. Those 10 km were like poetry. The sun was shining over Prisank, exposing the whole range of colours in the trees and the leaves, falling down, adding colour even to the road itself. Many were stoping their cars and watching the scene in awe, taking pictures. 

Majestic view from Erjavec's hut

In this time of year, you don't have much choice, if you start a hike at noon and the sun goes down in a few hours, so we opted for the shortest and surprisingly popular hike to Slemenova Špica. It takes only a good hour and it offers some fantastic views over the whole of Vršič, Prisank, the Kranjska Gora valley, Tamar valley with the Planica ski jumping centre, Mala Mojstrovka ridge and the the king of Slovenian mountains Jalovec. And with autumn colours and all, it is a piece of heaven! A short and easy walk brings you to a wonderful grassy plateau with some majestic trees here and there and some small ponds of water, used extensively for photographing reflections of aforementioned mount Jalovec. The almost perfect conditions resulted in whole crowds of people, which was nice to see, but kind of ruined the whole "going to the nature to find peace" moto. So we didn't stay there too long. And I'm not gonna lie: we ate almost all the snacks for the trip down at the lakes already, so the warm thoughts of some delicious pizza in the valley did its work. 

Slemenova spica

Written by my sweetheart

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