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Family trip to Gorenjska

Holidays are all about spending time together. And since during the year I only spend weekends with
my family, we are really blessed to enjoy almost 2 weeks with each other this xmas break.

The first few days before Christmas were all about shopping, followed by eating like crazy for three days in a row.
And now it is finally time to be a bit more active and spend time outside. Since we almost have summer here in 
our region, we've decided to wake up early on Sunday morning and cross the country to Gorenjska
Our first stop was nature reserve Zelenci. Truly amazing in every time of the year.
Continued to Laghi di Fusine on the Italian boarder, walked around both of the lakes and had
lots of fun walking on the frozen one.
Back in Slovenia we went hiking in Tamar valley. Obviously a very popular destination
for a Sunday afternoon hehe.
On the way home we've stopped at Lake Jasna and enjoyed the view of some talented ice skaters.
What a wonderful day it was!


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