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Sva Alja in Miha, pustolovska raziskovalca, poletna hribolazca, ljubitelja lepih reči, zbiratelja lončnic, krožnikov iz potovanj in starih fotoaparatov. En malček zmedena in ravno prav štorasta, skoraj nikoli pri miru, za vedno otroka in taprava uživača.

Ljubeznice pa so skrinjica najinih doživetij in idej. Neizmerno se veseliva vsakega vikenda, ko se lahko odpraviva v gore ali pa odkrivat slovenijo. Zelo zelo rada planirava tudi daljše pobege in odpotujeva kam na lepše. Ko pa sva doma, premikava pohištvo in krasiva stanovanje, še raje pa kaj dobrega skuhava in uživava v okušanju novih receptov.

Hvala, ker naju spremljaš!

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A very special

It is the most wonderful time of the year. Family gatherings, friend reunions and even company celebrations! 
But one of my favourite feelings is still the one on a christmas morning, 
sipping a hot tea and looking at my family opening the presents underneath the christmas tree. 
I've always preferred giving away than receiving the gifts. And I truly can't describe the warmth 
inside of me when seeing the sparkles in my beloved ones eyes. 
Every year I try to give my sissy, momma and papa something unique as a small thanks for 
all the beautiful things they did for me during the year, for all the support and kindness, 
for all the moments that they've made me feel so special. 
So I've made this list to maybe inspire you or at least to make a nice collage hehe. 

1. Make uniquely designed coupons with your fancy schmancy muji pens and draw a burger or a cup of coffee on it. 
Hand them to your family members as a promise to take them to a:
a) newly opened bar in town
b) their favouite restaurant
c) all-you-can-eat dinner
d) deep talks and tons of coffee on a gloomy monday

2. Make your sista a PMS survival kit and don't forget to pack tons of RAWR chocolate bars in it!

3. How about the IT watch?! (Pssst! use 'DW_aljaskrt' for a 15% off)

4. Room makeover! Imagine the look on your siblings face!

5. A one year museum membership? Who could even resist!

6. My favourite? Let's get lost! Take your special one on a random secret getaway!

7. Handmade art. Prints, cards, jewellery, diy mugs. Just do it!

8. Sailbrace. Let a simple bracelet remind someone of the most remarkable moments in your lives.

& last but not least. Treat yourself with a Viva's leather goods bag. For all the lady bosses out there!

Thats about it. Let me know what's on your list! :)



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