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Trip to Gorenjska

Because I have no classes scheduled on Wednesdays.

Me and my friend made a list this summer. Of places where we wanted to go and things we wanted to do. Luckily we didn't manage to check all the boxes. So we found ourselves driving to Gorenjska on a foggy Wednesday morning, missed the exit on the highway, stopped at Lidl to grab some yummy pastries and talked about life, jobs and refugees. Our first post was Lake Jasna where we were chilling on the wooden pier for a while, had coffee with a view from the most hipster mugs, did a little photo session and were admiring the nature BIG time. Epic colours, I swear!! We've continued our way towards Zelenci, got lost again in the middle of nowhere and when we finally arrived to our hidden gem, the place was crowded with kids so we climbed on the top of the wooden tree house and had our brunch. The wild nature of Zelenci nature reserve is simply breathtaking. Later we took a two hour walk to Laghi di Fusine, crossed the border, stopped several times to take photos, talked about boys and how we are enjoying being single and then finally arrived to the scenic lake. Marvellous serene place, believe me. The nature once again left me speechless. 
To wrap up this pretty awesome day we've decided to stop for a pizza on the way home. 

Cheers to Wednesdays!


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